Squirrel Bedtime Story aka Eavesdropper’s Café, October 2012 edition.

The players: one six–year-old (dialogue in italics) and one eleven–year-old. The vehicle: four Calico Critters (TM) squirrel characters.

Once when I was a little squirrel, I decided that I wanted to climb the big nut tree. It had lots of nuts falling down. I thought it would be fun if I climbed it myself. I wasn’t really good at climbing yet but I wanted to try it. One day I told my parents and older sister that I was just going to collect them from the bottom. We usually did that. That day was Saturday when we didn’t usually do it.

You are supposed to be in bed. Violet, get in bed this instant. Violet! Violet.

 She’s in bed. This is her bed. Her bed is under my skirt.

I climbed and climbed and climbed and thought about how proud mom and dad would be that I shook the tree so hard and so many nuts would fall down and we would have a feast.

Somehow when I got to the top I bounced into the next tree. That tree was territory of the Furmans. We are the Furbanks; they are the Furmans. They had a son who was my age and I hated him. If they caught me trespassing on their nut tree territory, I would really get it from them and from mom and dad. So I could see them coming out of their nest. So I did the only thing I could do. I bounced to the next tree.

That’s enough!

“Violet’s scared.”

I bounced from tree to tree to tree until I didn’t know where I was any more. I climbed down. I was at Old Mrs. Squirrel’s House. OMS was a kindly old squirrel but I didn’t think she’d be so happy to see me bouncing on the top of her tree, so quickly I looked at the landmarks: The big nut tree, the hollow oak where Owl lived, and Annabelle Fursicle’s house. I knew Annabelle wouldn’t laugh at me. So I went there, and they took me home.

My parents weren’t mad at me but they were glad I was ok . The end.

She’s sneaking out of bed to get the latest issue of Nut Cooking and she doesn’t want all of them to know because she spent a lot of nuts on it. Hi, what are you doing? That’s not ok —you cannot do that!

Take care of her, alright Joseph?

Father Squirrel: Oh, fine.

You get back to your bed this instant!


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